• The Loremaster’s Guild is a subscription service that gives you access to all of playsets' premium content and features for a small monthly subscription. We will no longer be selling content individually or in bundles. All premium content will only be available to Loremasters, but users who purchased items before will continue to be able to use them without a subscription.


    We’ve heard from players that there is a strong desire to make playsets more affordable, and we think this is a great way to do so while helping the team continue to be able to develop great content and new tools for playsets. Give it a try with our free trial period we’d love to know what you think.

    How do I find Loremaster content inside of playsets?

    Loremaster perks are designated with a key with an eye. Pushing the key will take you to the Loremaster's Guild overview page.


    What if I bought content before the change? Will it go away?

    Nope, you can still use all of the content you purchased before the addition of the Loremaster's Guild. Playsets will behave exactly the same as before the change.


    I have a skeleton key from the kickstarter campaign, what about me?

    Your skeleton key makes you a Loremaster for life. Also, your hair looks fantastic.


    What happens to my maps if I no longer want to be a Loremaster?

    Nothing. You can use them exactly as before, including any Loremaster specific tokens, though you can't add more Loremaster tokens and builder props until you renew your membership.


    Will my custom tokens be removed if I stop being a Loremaster?

    No, the custom tokens you've saved to campaigns will still be usable in the campaign. Also, any custom tokens you've saved will be available to place like regular tokens. So you should totally press that save button.


    Does everyone in my story need to be a Loremaster?

    Nope, playsets is still free to play. The other players will still be able to see and interact with any Loremaster tokens or builder props in the session.


    How often will you add Loremaster content to playsets?

    We plan to add Loremaster content to playsets every 2 months or so, in addition to new utilities and features throughout the year. We are currently working on uploading custom artwork for tokens and a new dice roller (though we don't have dates yet).


    Will there be any more free content added to playsets?

    Of course! In the latest release, we added Cave walls and floors to the builder. (Normal, Iced, and Lava flavored)


    If you have any other questions please reach out to us.